Vail Ski Resort
Vail Ski Resort

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Vail Ski Resorts has enabled RFID technology, providing its visitors to use a social networking application that helps skiers and snowboarders to track and share each other’s progress while on the slopes.

The program is called EpicMix and it allows anyone that purchases an RFID-enabled ticket on the slopes to monitor where their friends are, keep a count of how many runs they have done, how many vertical feet they have skied as well as keep track of where exactly they accomplished these feats.

Pins or badges can be earned by skiers and snowboarders when competing with their friends in order to keep track of the tasks they have completed while on the mountain. By doing this skiers can keep track of who has skied the most feet. The RFID application also allows guests to share their experience via the EpicMix through pictures and status updates which can be transferred to Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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