World Customs Organization Leveraging NFC to Fight Against Global Counterfeiting

NXP Semiconductors (Nasdaq:NXPI), a semiconductor giant, stated that its NFC smart security solutions will be included in the World Customs Organization’s (WCO) Interface Public Members (IPM) Connected anti-counterfeiting program. IPM is the WCO’s on-line tool […]

Lamb Traceability Project Gives Alberta Lamb Producers Access to Rich Information

Alberta lamb producers are smiling after they have been told about a project that will reveal information helping them to raise profit and efficiency. A Lamb Traceability Project has researched information that could be very […]

Government of Canada Announces Its Plan to Invest Further in Livestock Traceability System

(RFID World Canada) The Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) is investing another $1.6 million into an effective traceability system to monitor the movement of livestock, giving Canadian farmers the ability to have an edge in […]

RFID Tracking Being Studied by Quebec’s Maple Syrup Producers

(RFID World Canada) Federal funding of over $110,000 has been granted to Quebec’s maple syrup producing federation so that they can test and examine the traceability of RFID (radio frequency identification) chips. The Federal Canadian […]