The New Route for Evacuation: RFID UHF Tech Helps to Increase Safety

Efficiently coordinated evacuation is a key for health and life of employees. While the best methods are still being looked for, RFID UHF is a common solution. It offers new approach for evacuating workers from […]

Yes, RFID Technology is Safe – Providing You Use Smart Mode

The recently published in Business Insider article has stirred many controversies. Its main message is that RFID could be easily hacked and therefore it cannot serve as an effective way for security or access control. […]

New RFID UHF Car Windshield Tag for Automatic Vehicle Identification

( iDTRONIC’s new Windshield Tag UHF constitutes a solution for safe and durable identification of vehicles, based on modern RFID-Technology. In this case, the modern RFID technology allows a rapid and steady registration of passing […]