Special Wallet Helps Men Protect Themselves From Credit Card Thieves Using RFID in Crowded Areas

The upcoming Easter Sunday and Good Friday is an important day for many and since it falls on the holiday long weekend many people spend their time at large festival events. Whatever your faith, the weekend is […]

RFID Wristband System Used at Ottawa Event Prevents Counterfeiting

Precision Dynamics Corporation (PDC) announced the successful implementation of its Smart Band® RFID Wristband System at the RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest in Ottawa, Canada from July 4 through July 15. The wristband system prevented counterfeiting […]

RFID Chip on Magnetic Separators for Bulk Processing

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. is now offering an RFID chip as a standard on several types of their magnetic separators designed for the bulk processing industries. The RFID (radio frequency identification) device, manufactured by InfoChip®, aides […]

Electronic RFID Chip Created by a Miami Company to Keep Track of Hotel Linens

(RFIDWorld.ca) Linen Tracking Technology, a company based in Miami has recently patented a washable RFID (radio frequency identification) chip that can be sewn into hotel robes, towels and linens to keep track of them. The […]