Canadian Government Investing 40 Million in Printable Electronics Technology like Printed RFID Antennas

Minister of State, Science and Technology Greg Rickford, along with the National Research Council of Canada and industry partners, discussed a new program and industrial consortium that will focus on consumer technology such as electronic intelligence capabilities […]

City Assets Monitored with RFID Technology in Fort Saskatchewan

(RFID World Canada) City assets are now being monitored by RFID tags, in Fort Saskatchewan, which is located just North of Edmonton. The tags are being attached to park furniture equipment, on trees and […]

RFID Tracking Being Studied by Quebec’s Maple Syrup Producers

(RFID World Canada) Federal funding of over $110,000 has been granted to Quebec’s maple syrup producing federation so that they can test and examine the traceability of RFID (radio frequency identification) chips. The Federal Canadian […]

IT Expert in Britain Warns that Canadian RFID E-passports not Secure Enough

( A British IT expert warns that Canada’s new RFID tagged E-passports can easily be hacked into and are not secure enough. Adam Laurie, Director of Aperture Labs Limited pointed out that using a biometric […]