RFID Technologies – LF, HF, UHF, BLE, NFC and Active

So, you want to implement an RFID technology into your process or business? Do you know which technology you want to use? There are a few different options that are available. Do you know what […]

Information & BI Offered by Active RFID Technology Expected to Enhance Growth in Carious End-User Verticals

Active RFID is steadily rising through the ranks, as the demand for real-time tracking of objects and personnel is getting louder. Supply chains in various industries are realizing the utility of long-range track and trace […]

New Forecast Released Says RFID Market Will Be $7.46 Billion in 2012

(RFIDWorld.ca) The value of the RFID market in 2012 will be $7.46 billion versus $6.37 billion in 2011. The forecasted sales for this year have gone up from last year’s actual sales. Sales consist of […]