RFID Self Loan Station by FE Technologies
RFID Self Loan Station by FE Technologies

(RFIDWorld.ca) FE Technologies has helped libraries devastated by the Christchurch earthquakes rebuild. This was evident at Christchurch City Library’s Papanui Library which reopened with the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology last October. Libraries and Information Unit Manager Carolyn Robertson said Papanui’s business has been up to 3 times as busy due to neighboring library closures. “Without the RFID self loan stations staff would not have been able to meet the level of customer demand and customers would suffer significant delays,” Ms Robertson said. “The library is located next to a major shopping mall and has always been very busy.”

RFID was implemented to revolutionize the library experience for customers and staff. “The main goal was to achieve 100% self service for customers issuing items from the library,” Ms Robertson said. “This would free up staff from manually issuing items and allow them to perform more value added tasks with customers.” While RFID is operating in three libraries, the roll-out plan has been altered due to site closures. “FE Technologies has been flexible in their approach to the delayed layout,” Ms Robertson said. When the roll-out goes ahead, the technology should continue to play an integral part in revolutionizing customer service facilities.

Both patrons and staff are working together to reap the benefits of RFID. “Staff have worked hard to demonstrate the new system and provide a positive customer experience,” Ms Robertson said. “Customer response was largely positive as they were delighted to have the library open again.”

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