Studies done by the “Global RFID Market Analysis till 2010 Report”

( Taiwan is going far with its RFID technology primarily in areas of healthcare, agriculture related applications as well as for air defense. According to the “Global RFID Market Analysis till 2010” report, the global […]

Location of Preschoolers in a California School is Tracked by RFID Tags

( A California school is using a $50 000 grant given by government in an odd way.  It is using the money towards establishing RFID technology to track its preschooler students. The Contra Costa County […]

Mini RFID Reader Module Released by GAO Embedded

( Featuring both internal and external antennae, GAO has just released its new reader Mini RFID Reader Module.  Readily equipped with enhanced security features and customized enhancements, the multi-protocol, high frequency OEM module supports future […]

Clothing to be RFID Tagged at Wal-Mart

( Wal-mart Stores Inc. will soon roll out sophisticated electronic tags that will keep track of number, types and sizes of jeans and underwear.  Advocates of this radio-frequency ID (RFID) tags say that inventory will […]