Friday, July 19, 2019
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BluEpyc launches the new Disk Beacon

BluEpyc BLE Disk Beacon and accessories
The Italian producer of BLE systems announces the new Disk Beacon: flexibility, additional functions thanks to the different firmware and increased performance are the highlights of the new Tag/Beacon, with more services via App and OTA software. BluEpyc, the Business Unit of Softwork Group focused on wireless technologies, above all Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), announces the new BLE Disk Beacon:...

Patient Safety is Maintained at San Giovanni Nursing Home

San Giovanni Nursing Home, in Mezzolombardo
Application / Sector Monitoring of patients affected by cognitive decline and disorders to ensure their safety and a better quality of life. Premise: Public Healthcare System San Giovanni Nursing Home, in Mezzolombardo, in the province of Trento, is a public nursing home that is home to approximately 160 patients, some of whom are afflicted with cognitive decline.  The home is staffed by...

Largest RFID Document Tracking System in the World

Largest RFID Document Tracking System in the World
OGTech, QCS and FEIG Provide Public Prosecution in Qatar with UHF RFID Solution The Public Prosecution in Qatar has been honored with an award for the largest implementation of RFID document tracking: In a coorperation with the German manufacturer Feig Electronic, the regional branch of OGTech, a local distributor in Doha, Qatar, provides the Public Prosecution with an elaborate UHF RFID...

Step by Step Towards the Clinic 4.0

Al-Ahli Hospital | RFID Tracking
Narrow-mesh antenna installation enables 100 percent detection Al-Ahli Hospital in the heart of Doha, the capital of Qatar, has 250 beds and 25 departments from anaesthesiology to neurosurgery. With the goal of greater transparency in the employee time attendance system, the clinic executive decided to implement a UHF RFID-based solution. Following the successful implementation, the project has been expanded in several...

A Revolution in Healthcare!

RFID Revolution in Healthcare
Have incremental developments using RFID brought, by stealth, a potential revolution in healthcare? Sometimes developments happen incrementally until they reach a critical point where significant benefits suddenly become available in a cost effective way. The number of areas where RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) can be used in healthcare to reduce costs as well as improve standards, compliance, patient care, and staff...

New Line of Robust UHF Antennas Designed to Last a Lifetime

Robust UHF Antennas
Operating from below freezing to extremely hot temperatures, the Robust UHF Antennas will work with any reader and are backed by an equally robust warranty. FEIG ELECTRONIC, a leading global supplier of RFID readers and antennas, introduced its new Robust UHF Antennas, capable of withstanding the harshest and most extreme outdoor and industrial environments. Awarded the highest certification available for...

New UHF RFID Compact Reader for Vehicle Access Control

FEIG UHF RFID Compact Reader
The small and powerful vehicle identification RFID reader offers long-range identification using UHF RAIN RFID. FEIG ELECTRONIC, a leading global supplier of RFID readers and antennas, announced its Compact Reader ID LRU500i, which combines a powerful RFID reader with an integrated antenna and signal light in one single device. The Compact Reader is ideal for vehicle identification and parking...

Hybrid Barcode & RFID Wearable optimizes logistical processes and relieves the employee

FEIG Electronic RFID Wearable HyWear compact
At LogiMAT 2019 FEIG ELECTRONIC will be presenting the HyWEAR compact, the new hybrid Barcode & RFID Wearable, which makes logistical processes more efficient by freeing both hands to perform work.

Solving business problems with mobile applications

In business, the best technology innovations help companies identify, automate, and simplify. Put another way, they help people and organizations solve business problems.

Public private partnership between TransLink and Hyperlight Systems results in the world’s first hands-free fare gate solution

RFID World Hyperlight Systems News
Vancouver-based Hyperlight Systems offers a Smart-city platform for removing barriers and enabling universal accessibility for public transit. Hyperlight Systems is working to enable fully accessible transit for everyone, everywhere. Their innovative technology eliminates the need for passengers with disabilities to tap, swipe or push buttons to use transit fare gates, buses, elevators and intersections. The company is dedicated to...

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Times-7 Near Field Antennas

Times-7’s new large true near field antenna family

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BLE Success Story at Alstom

Success story at a glance Company: Alstom (Site: Sesto San Giovanni, Milan - ITALY) Market sector: Manufacturing (Railway) Application sector: Asset Tracking BLE architecture BluEpyc Beacon, EchoBeacon, Gateway Introduction Alstom is a global company...