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Technology + Ingenuity + Collaboration = Business Solution

Metso SmartTag | Rugged RFID Tags
RFID technology provides efficiencies – that’s not new! In principle RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) can solve any number of logistical problems associated with tracking items, equipment or materials.  Whether tracking pharmaceutical products, from distribution centre to retail outlets, or tools and equipment used in mining operations, RFID is a proven solution to automate this tracking process and improve operational efficiencies. This...

Times-7 RFID Antenna Selection Guide

RFID Antenna Selection guide
Times-7 has developed an antenna selection guide, which helps to break down which type of beam shape is right for your application and then which Times-7 RAIN (UHF) RFID antenna is the right fit for you. WHY IS THE BEAM SHAPE IMPORTANT? System integrators are often challenged with 100% tag detection accuracy and stray (unintended) tags isolation. Although the tag readability...

Novelis, the World’s Largest Recycler of Aluminum, Deploys FEIG ELECTRONIC’s RFID Readers to Monitor Production Line in State-of-the-Art Digital Factory

Novelis Deploys RFID Readers to Monitor Production Line
RFID Global, FEIG ELECTRONIC’s distributor in Italy, designed and implemented the RFID solution for Novelis at its Milan facility to trace the movement of aluminum coils though the production line.   Weilburg, Germany — MAY 7, 2019 — FEIG ELECTRONIC, a leading global supplier of radio frequency identification (RFID) readers and antennas with fifty years of industry experience, announced today the deployment of its RFID identification...

Alien Technology® Unveils Next Generation High-Memory RFID IC and Tags

Alien Technology RFID World
Alien Technology, an industry leader in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Ultra High Frequency (UHF) products and services, today announced the Higgs-9 IC, the first release of its next-generation of Higgs RFID semiconductor integrated circuits.   The company also announced its newest high-memory inlays.  The products were unveiled at RFID Journal LIVE! 2019 and are being featured in Alien’s Booth #803 throughout the...

Optimizing Sample Handling in Macromolecular Crystallography

HID Global RFID World
The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) utilizes HID Global RFID technology for automated handling of biological samples at cryogenic temperatures. Located between the beautiful Alps of Grenoble, the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) produces X-ray beams that are 100 billion times brighter than the X-rays used in hospitals. This facility helps researchers from around the globe gain insight into the...

HID Global and Mist Systems Collaborate to Drive Innovation for IoT with Location Services using Bluetooth® Low Energy

HID Global RFID World
HID Global®, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, and Mist Systems, a pioneer in self-learning wireless networks powered by artificial intelligence (AI), today announced that the two companies are working together to converge Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-based location services with Wireless LAN (WLAN) infrastructure for better deployment, management, and operations of IoT devices. With HID Location Services that is...

HID Global Drives the Healthcare IoT with Location Services Platform

HID Global RFID World
HID Global®, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, opens this week’s HIMSS with a powerful line-up of new and recently-announced strategic collaborations and solutions that are fueling the healthcare IoT. Attendees will learn how the HID Location Services IoT platform is improving clinical workflows and operational compliance; providing better collaboration and clinician safety; and delivering enhanced condition monitoring of temperature-sensitive...

BluEpyc launches the new Disk Beacon

BluEpyc BLE Disk Beacon and accessories
The Italian producer of BLE systems announces the new Disk Beacon: flexibility, additional functions thanks to the different firmware and increased performance are the highlights of the new Tag/Beacon, with more services via App and OTA software. BluEpyc, the Business Unit of Softwork Group focused on wireless technologies, above all Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), announces the new BLE Disk Beacon:...

Patient Safety is Maintained at San Giovanni Nursing Home

San Giovanni Nursing Home, in Mezzolombardo
Application / Sector Monitoring of patients affected by cognitive decline and disorders to ensure their safety and a better quality of life. Premise: Public Healthcare System San Giovanni Nursing Home, in Mezzolombardo, in the province of Trento, is a public nursing home that is home to approximately 160 patients, some of whom are afflicted with cognitive decline.  The home is staffed by...

Largest RFID Document Tracking System in the World

Largest RFID Document Tracking System in the World
OGTech, QCS and FEIG Provide Public Prosecution in Qatar with UHF RFID Solution The Public Prosecution in Qatar has been honored with an award for the largest implementation of RFID document tracking: In a coorperation with the German manufacturer Feig Electronic, the regional branch of OGTech, a local distributor in Doha, Qatar, provides the Public Prosecution with an elaborate UHF RFID...

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