New RFID Patents Received by HID Global Company

HID Global New RFID Patents
HID Global New RFID Patents

HID Global ® a leading company in the development of high-tech security solutions recently announced the receipt of a number of patents to enhance security of access control when working with RFID devices including smart cards and NFC smart phones. The patents were received from the Registrar of Patents and Trademarks U.S.  These patents will allow innovative solutions that use three-dimensional movement to improve security access.

The latest invention from HID Global allows you to use a variety of hand gestures and sequences to manage RFID devices as a new form of the authentication process. This authentication process allows for higher security since gesture passwords cannot be easily manipulated thus a lower rate of stolen identities will result. Users will have the ability to maintain traditional and current uses of codeword which are two-dimensional but can enhance security using three-dimensional movement methods based on gestures as well to notch up security on their personal devices.  An example of a three-dimensional password may be a deviation to the left, right forward or backward and then moving back to the original location. This method will even be useful for the opening closing and unlocking of doors. 
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