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Isra Cards, a plastic cards manaufacturer in France has launched a contactless smart card using RFID technology. The french manufacturer is calling this new card the Mifare Plus and replacing the older model called Mifare Classic. The decision to replace the Mifare Classic was due to its poor security platform being used with various transportation, access control, and identification applications.

Isra Cards’ new smart card allows companies to grow their security and privacy features without much hassle because of the incorporated ‘CPU’ chip, bringing the newest technology in IT security. Mifare Plus provides more storage space and offers an encryption system called “Common Criteria EAL 4+”, which recognizes compliance with the tightest security and functionality requirements. Isra Cards said the smart card has already been approved by the United States Government and ensures encryption of secret documents till the year 2030.

Miguel Tomé, Sales Business Development of Isra Cards stated “this development will allow greater security to ensure data encryption and a card bearing the user and ensure the confidentiality of information without being able to copy your data. This level of security will allow companies to step up security without having to change your system to be compatible and adaptable to new Mifare Plus technology. Applications will be very many from public transportation, tolls, access control events, parking, student card, employee card, Internet café, or fidelity, among others”.

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