An example of a HID Global UHF RFID tag
An example of a HID Global UHF RFID tag

HID Global, a player in the secure identity and RFID space, announced that, under the terms of a confidential settlement, the patent infringement litigation that Omni-ID had initiated against certain HID Global products has been amicably resolved. HID Global will continue to manufacture and sell its complete range of RFID products, including UHF on-metal tags, in the U.S. and around the world, and HID Global now enjoys a worldwide license to the applicable patents.

“Notwithstanding the differing legal positions of the parties, we are satisfied with the business resolution reached with Omni-ID,” said Marc Bielmann, Vice President of Identification Technologies with HID Global. “With this resolution, HID Global will be able to continue to expand its UHF products range without limitation for the benefit of its customers.”

“As a holder of patents relating to certain on-metal/near liquid RFID technologies, Omni-ID is pleased to provide access to our foundational technologies to the market,” said George E. Daddis, Jr. PhD, CEO of Omni-ID.  “Our goal is to drive the enablement of RFID into our core Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market and open the doors to driving further global adoption overall – this agreement represents another step in that direction.”

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