GuardRFID and Omni-ID announced today that they have completed interoperability testing of their products based on the IEEE 802.15.4f-2012 standard. The testing, carried out by both companies autonomously, validated that the GuardRFID Tag Reader was able to receive data from Power 415 active RFID tag independently developed by Omni-ID. Data from active RFID tags developed independently by both Omni-ID and GuardRFID, operating under the 433 MHz PHY specification of the IEEE 802.15.4f-2012 standard, was shown to be received, processed and forwarded by the Tag Reader to GuardRFID’s Argus server for further processing and presentation within GuardRFID’s AllGuard RTLS and Security system.

“We are excited to see this first successful demonstration of interoperability based on the IEEE 802.15.4f-2012 standard which was specifically developed for active RFID and RTLS applications,” said Dalibor Pokrajac, GuardRFID’s Executive Vice-President of Engineering. “We think this is the first such demonstration carried out by two independent companies in compliance with the standard. Proliferation of standardization within the currently fractured active RFID/RTLS market will offer greater choice to users, leading to higher adoption of active RFID technology based products as the users will no longer be tied to a single supplier who only offers proprietary technology.”

“Customers are beginning to recognize the value of deploying active RFID as a component of their overall system, but at the same time they are demanding products that comply with standards to ensure continuity of supply,” said Ed Nabrotzky, Executive Vice President of Sales (Americas) and Product Development for Omni-ID. “The intent of the collaboration between Omni-ID and GuardRFID to test the interoperability between our respective devices using the IEEE 802.15.4f-2012 standard was to confirm that we can now meet the customers’ expectations. This also allows both companies to offer their customers a wider range of devices such as active tags as all our products that comply to the standard and will operate flawlessly within a single system.”

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