Fields Automotive Group - RFID
Fields Automotive Group - RFID

(RFID World Canada) A leader in customer service excellence, Fields Automotive Group, has made the call to expand the use of MyDealerLot’s RFID technology throughout the Southeast and Chicago for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, and MINI.

Their largest BMW store was used as a pilot to test and completely experience the customer recognition and messaging technologies provided by MyDealerLot. John Montione, Vice President of Fields Auto Group, stated that they noticed immediately the positive impact to the customer and to the key internal processes. In addition, Montione said that the recent deployment has proven greater customer satisfaction to a level which was not previously possible, allowing sales staff to closely connect with service clients like never before.

George Cresto, MyDealerLot’s founder and CEO, said that the web-based client recognition technologies are designed to help dealerships create new sales opportunities, better the customer experience while streamlining business operations in a unique way. He believe Fiels Automotive Group fully understands what is needed for higher customer satisfaction and will build infrastructure needed to assist the complete deployment of MyDealerlot’s technologies. He looks forward to the full expansion so that a seamless order of service will be provided–regardless of what the needs of each Fields Automotive customer is. Cresto is convinced the partnership newly created between the two companies is one that will last and enhance the experience of both employees and customers.

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