Washing Machines
Washing Machines

(RFIDWorld.ca) A new washing machine that is RFID and NFC enabled now allows for the fabric of clothing to be detected allowing for the machine to be automatically set accordingly.

The machine is advanced and has wireless capabilities as well. RFID tag buttons allow for the machine to automatically read the fabric type and colours before starting the washing cycle. Measuring the type of detergent along with the types of clothing thrown into the machine, the settings are adjusted automatically before the machine starts itself.

NFC-based maintenance capability is also drawing the attention of many companies. An authorized maintenance technician can perform diagnostics onsite just by using an NFC enabled phone. The status can be changed and the firmware can be upgraded through an app that directly communicates with the manufacturer’s service centre using the phones built-in 3G connection.

Jan Willem Vogel, Senior Director of industrial applications marketing for NXP Semiconductors, said that major home appliances are quickly becoming advanced but they have only started the explore possibilities related to two-way communication. He is pleased to state that in order to bring out such a product, the company has brought together its experience in applications to combine with their expertise in RFID and NFC.

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