Silent Partner Technologies (SPT)
Silent Partner Technologies (SPT)

(RFID World Canada) –A major distributorship program release was announced by Silent Partner Technologies (SPT).  A network of distributors is being set up by SPT throughout the U.S., Canada, South America and soon the E.U.  This release is part of a progressive RFID network launch.  According to the company as its network grows across nations, the popularity and branding of their products will increase drastically within a short span of time.  Currently SPT is in the middle of discussions to form partnerships with a variety of distributors and they plan to announce the new partnerships in the near future.

All employees and executives at SPT believe that these new partnerships and networks will help the company growth overall.  Ted Costis, the CEO of SPT said that RFID is a viable enabling technology and that for this reason the company has developed many RFID applications for a variety of industries.

In a continually evolving and growing RFID technology market, SPT is looking to build partnerships with driven, entrepreneurial technology and sales companies.

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