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Recall, a document storage, secure document destruction, digital document management and data protection, announced that its  radio frequency identification (RFID) program is now utilized on more than 25 million cartons worldwide. RFID enables Recall customers to receive rapid and accurate inventory audit of their records on a consistent basis in a cost-effective manner. No other document management company offers this meticulous level of client care.

With its RFID capabilities, Recall provides customers with the highest audit accuracy, compliance and security of their holdings, in a fraction of the time that less-accurate audit practices can offer. The company can scan and audit more than 300 cartons in less than 30 seconds, while competitors without RFID, using error-prone, manual techniques, take well over 30 minutes to scan the same number of cartons. That is a 60-fold difference in time and cost.

RFID technology helps Recall customers maintain compliance with strict regulations, including regional Privacy Acts and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), by providing audit reports that confirm and validate the location of critical files.

“Recall was the first global records management company to offer RFID tags on the carton level,” said Elton Potts, group president and chief operating officer, Recall. “By surpassing the 25 million carton milestone, Recall continues its leadership with the industry’s most precise auditing and tracking capabilities.”

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