(RFID World Canada) The ultra high frequency (UHF) passive RFID tag offers a reading distance of up to 35m.  In addition it has a memory capacity of 512 bits and the model number for this tag is 116041. 

In the past an active tag was required to read such a far distance but this is the first passive RFID tag to be able to read up to 35m.  The frequency reading rate of this new RFID passive tag is 860 to 960 MHz and is suitable for applications such as cargo and container tracking, transportation and logistics, airline unit load services, military asset tracking, heavy machinery and for construction.

It uses an Alien Higgs 3 IC and is compliant with MIL STD 810-F and BS EN 60068-2 standards. In addition it is encapsulated in an ABS or a polycarbonate case with an IP68 protection rating.  This RFID passive tag can withstand prolonged weather conditions and temperature changes.

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