Monday, March 25, 2019
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South Korea: Wastage of Food Reduced Using RFID

( The wastage of food has been drastically reduced through the use of RFID technology in Korea. SK Telecom, with headquarters in South Korea...

RFID Tags Help with Recycling and Waste Collection in Cincinnati and Grand Rapids

( Cost savings are being generated after radio frequency identification (RFID) enabled tags are being used to turn trash into cash in Cincinnati, OH...

RFID Integrated with Recycling Leaves More Money in Hunterdon County

Rariton Valley Disposal in New Jersey is partnering up with Recyclebank to promote environmentally friendly incentives. Over 7,600 customers have access to RFID...

Battery Powered and Eco-friendly RFID

    (  Electronic Products & Technology predicts that RFID technology will revolutionize sectors of the portable electronics industry.  The primary power source of RFID’s is...

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Largest RFID Document Tracking System in the World

Largest RFID Document Tracking System in the World

OGTech, QCS and FEIG Provide Public Prosecution in Qatar with UHF RFID Solution The Public Prosecution in Qatar has been honored with an award for...
Al-Ahli Hospital | RFID Tracking

Step by Step Towards the Clinic 4.0

Narrow-mesh antenna installation enables 100 percent detection Al-Ahli Hospital in the heart of Doha, the capital of Qatar, has 250 beds and 25 departments from...
RFID Revolution in Healthcare

A Revolution in Healthcare!

Have incremental developments using RFID brought, by stealth, a potential revolution in healthcare? Sometimes developments happen incrementally until they reach a critical point where significant...