Texas Tech University
Texas Tech University

(RFIDWorld.ca) The El Paso Health Sciences Center at Texas Tech University has just adopted a campus-wide RFID system to track the physical location of the Health Sciences Lab assets.

The Radiant RFID’s Virtual Asset Tracker (VAT) has been installed to improve the overall security of the assets at the campus. The project was first initialized with the company Radiant in 2008, for its Clinical Simulation Lab, when the administration realized that many tools were going missing and overall with the number of pieces, it was becoming very difficult to keep track of where the assets were being transported.

The new installation is an enhancement upon the old system of 2008 and it provides increased security of assets and has improved the feedback given back by auditors, resulting in an easier auditing season. In addition the time taken up counting inventories has drastically decreased.

The whole system consists of a complete package, including email notifications, check-in/check-out functionalities, an absolute reporting suite as well as the capacity to execute online asset transfers.

The software designed, Radiant Virtual Asset Tracker is equipped with RFID tags and with Motorola’s MC3090-Z handheld reader as well as the FX7400 fixed RFID reader.

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