Bamboozle Festival uses RFID Wristbands
Bamboozle Festival uses RFID Wristbands

New Jersey’s Bamboozle festival became the latest festival to adopt next generation RFID (Radio frequency ID) technology. It offered up to 90,000 guests an entry experience many of them had never encountered before. They entered into the festival with a contactless entry method using RFID technology.

Each guest arriving to the festival over a 3-day period was given a RFID wristband to access the site through digital entrance portals.

UK based ID&C supplied the wristbands, which featured a microchip enclosed in a waterproof tag. This made the tag ideal for fans at the waterfront event.

“The festival was a real success thanks to contributions of partners such as ID&C. The technology worked great and the level of detail on the wristbands blew me away,” said Scott O’Donnell from organisers, Live Nation (

Traditional paper tickets were non-existent at the festival featuring seven stages of music. Instead, fans were issued encrypted RFID wristbands, that when activated accessed ticket holder’s information from a secure database.

Line-up times were greatly reduced as a result of the technology allowing the shows to start on time. Fake tickets or pass-backs were avoided as a result of the encrypted information leading to the ticket holder’s data.

Bamboozle is not the first of its kind to adopt RFID technology enacted wristbands to grant entry to the festival. Other North American festivals including Sasquatch and Bonnaroo adopted ID&C’s RFID wristbands.

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