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(RFIDWorld.ca) In Terre Haute, Indiana, Vigo Public Library has chosen 3M RFID and a 3M Automated Materials Handling System to help increase the level of efficiency in daily workload for the staff and patrons. The library was pleased with 3M’s quality of products and services and thus chose it. In addition, it provided a whole turnkey service program which made choosing it an easier decision for Nancy Dowell, the library’s director. The main goal of launching such a system in the library is to divert the staff’s time on patrons because the system will take over many of tasks that were initially performed by the staff. The move from Radio Frequency to Radio Frequency Identification will do exactly that–prove efficiency, according to the director.

The Vigo County Library has been open since 1882, serving residents of the Terre Haute. Approximately a population of over 100,000 is served by the Vigo County Library, while 600,000 visits are made to the library yearly. An annual circulation of 877,129 takes place at the library.

With more developed technology at the library, the staff is able to spend more time serving customers while building relationships. This in turn keeps the county’s people happier resulting in more return visits to the library. The library’s motto is “Discover the Possibilities” and that is exactly what the library has done with the launch of the new RFID based technology.

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