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( Identive Group, Inc. recently announced that transponder orders worth $3.3 million were made. The orders consisted of radio frequency identification (RFID) inlays and tickets for a large amount of applications. The transit applications are being created for use in the U.S. and Southeast Asian markets.

Michael Kober, Managing Director of Identive’s Transponder Division, stated that a common trend occurring is the move of metropolitan transit systems towards RFID technology. He believes this trend is taking place as a result of an overall greater security that can be reached through adopting RFID technology. According to Kober, not only will such as investment by the U.S. and Asian market aid in increasing security and operation but it will also help Identive to continue gaining important contracts in the transit applications market. Identive is working towards expanding its customer base by offering a wider variety of products.

The Asian orders are expected to be delivered over the next 24 months while the U.S. orders of $2 million will be delivered over a 14-month period.

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