Until now, Canadians interested in RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) have had to rely on American sites for news, perspectives, and vendor information. Now, Canadians have RFID World Canada  to provide that same wealth of information from a truly Canadian source.

RFIDWorld.ca is the first Canadian web site to offer news and views complemented by:

  • comprehensive and current RFID news relevant to Canadians
  • detailed information about Canadian vendors
  • latest Canadian events and local RFID meetings

RFID World Canada was founded in 2010 by RFID/NFC enthusiast Sachin Rustagi and based out of Toronto, Ontario with staff writers all around Canada. Our in-house Canadian editorial team supplements this information with the latest news and views on RFID technology in Canada and around the world.

We have collaborated with many  of Canada’s largest RFID technology & service providers by generating case studies and continue to build relationships with RFID vendors to help them get their stories out there.

This powerhouse of information is an invaluable resource for professionals using  RFID technology, or for anyone looking to learn more about radio frequency identification. RFID World Canada is the only place to go to get a focus on Canadian  and RFID related information.